First Ever Meerkat Video Stream of Congressional Briefing

Update: (April 10, 2015 6:08 p.m. EST)
Thank you to everyone who tuned into the event through Meerkat making it a great (historic even) success!


Video of our event on cyber security information sharing will be live streamed via Meerkat. As far as we know, this will be the first Congressional briefing ever streamed from a mobile app such as Meerkat or Periscope (Our 2013 Google Glass streamed event doesn’t count!).

So how exactly does Meerkat work?

Meerkat is a free application that live-streams directly from mobile devices through Twitter. By simply following the link to the broadcast on our Twitter account @NetCaucusAC with your mobile device, you will be able to watch the briefing in real time (barring any technical difficulties). Watch from your Apple or Android device — just download the app and find the link on @NetCaucusAC!